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Detlev Wolters

In life and on the job – "I like to help others."

A discussion with Detlev Wolters

  • Long-standing trust

    MEWA cultivates a relationship of trust, to customers as well as to employees.

  • Take responsibility

    At MEWA the employees take responsibility – for other people as well as for the environment.

  • Variety and challenge

    MEWA offers varied work content every day.

"As a Service Driver I'm always on the go I have extensive contact with customers. With most of them I am on a first-name basis. It is not surprising, I have been working at MEWA for 34 years. So you get to know each other and you have a relationship of trust with each other.

In private life, I also like to be on the move and I have travelled a lot. Earlier in support of human rights in Africa and later also to live my passion as a paraglider.

It is simply an incredible feeling to lift off with the paraglider, to glide through the air high above completely alone and to be completely responsible for everything yourself. By the way, this is precisely what I like about my job. Here I can, and am permitted to take on responsibility. Responsibility for other people and for the environment. I think that at MEWA we can do both of these things quite well."

Detlev Wolters, Service Driver at MEWA