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Robert Walter

In life and on the job – "I am a doer."

A discussion with Robert Walter

  • High-Potential Program

    MEWA paves the way for a successful future as a manager.

  • Live internationality

    As an internationally active family company MEWA is cosmopolitan.

  • Integrated degree program

    Practice and theory provide insight into a variety of work areas as an optimal precursor for the subsequent career path.

"I have always been interested in technology and really wanted to pursue a practice-based course of study. When I heard about the "Project Engineering" integrated course of study at MEWA I was immediately excited. And because I liked what I had experienced at MEWA so much, that after graduating from college I stayed here: as Assistant to Technical Management in the Junior Managers Program.

MEWA is a family company with an international orientation. This brings a certain cosmopolitan outlook along with it, which I share. Thus it was no problem to take a semester abroad in England during my course of study. The eight months in Bristol brought me a lot personally and without the support of MEWA it never would've happened.

What I like is to get things done myself. I'm a tinkerer – you turn a little screw here and ultimately you can admire the result in its entirety. For example, recently with friends I restored an old VW bus and we drove through Europe with it. Fortunately in my job at MEWA no two days are alike. I can handle all technical areas. I have on overview of all processes in theory however I can also implement them immediately in practice. If there's a problem, it is analysed immediately with the colleagues on-site and resolved. I'm often traveling and I'm in close collaboration with my colleagues. "Robert Walter, Assistant to Technical Management at MEWA