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Verena Götz-Lombardo and Giuseppe Lombardo

“It feels less like work - more like working with friends on projects.”

An interview with Verena Götz-Lombardo and Giuseppe Lombardo

  • Family work atmosphere

    Short paths facilitate fast decision-making at MEWA.

  • Prospects and opportunities

    MEWA supports all employees on their career path.

  • Future-oriented employer

    MEWA invests in new technologies.

“MEWA is a family business - that’s what I like about it,” says Verena Götz-Lombardo with a smile. It sounds particularly convincing coming from her, because she has family in the company: Her husband Giuseppe Lombardo also works for MEWA.

“In 2002, I joined MEWA through a headhunter. That was right after I finished my training as a computer scientist,” she says. “I supported the sales department with IT issues. In between, I worked for another company for a year, but I was very eager to return to MEWA. First as a member of the help desk team, then as assistant to the management of the Corporate Services division. Currently I am developing a travel management tool, in other words the complete process involving booking and billing of business travel.”

New perspectives

What is so special about MEWA? “I think it’s great that I can always take on new tasks - from IT and help desk to assistance to management. That keeps it very diversified and interesting.”

Fast decisions

MEWA as a family business - what exactly does that mean? “Unlike in large corporations, the paths are shorter, the hierarchy is flat, and decisions can be implemented faster,” says Verena Götz-Lombardo. “More importantly, there is this sense of cohesion, this family spirit. That’s why I feel so happy here.”

Familial and friendly

She inspired her husband with her enthusiasm for MEWA. When a suitable job opened up, Giuseppe Lombardo applied and he got the job. “I work in IT support. We help the sales team when they run into issues with their computers or cell phones.” Like his wife, Giuseppe Lombardo appreciates the family atmosphere: “It doesn’t feel like work at all - more like working with friends.”

So, for the Lombardos, MEWA is a true family business - twice over.