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Economic responsibility

The focus is on qualitative, value-oriented growth

Healthy growth – economic responsibility at MEWA

The economic development of the MEWA group is aligned to stability and continuous, healthy growth. Thanks to a very low debt ratio MEWA is listed in the best rating class by different institutes and has an excellent attested credit rating. Management is not concerned with short-term return objectives, but rather is concerned with far-sighted investment in the future. It has always been characteristic of the family company MEWA to not distribute profits, but rather to reinvest in the company, to further extend the enterprise. For example, in 2017 company-wide €45.1 million were invested in fixed assets, including environmental technology.

Employee development

Employee development reflects the stability of a healthy company. At MEWA the total number of employees has increased constantly in recent years. After 4,300 (2011) and 4,500 (2012), more than 4,900 employees worked for MEWA throughout Europe.


In the year 2012 MEWA had more than 165,000 contract customers, in 2014 the number increased to 172,000, and in 2015 the number was more than 174,600.

Turnover development

The positive turnover development shows MEWA to be a healthy, stable family company. With work clothing and protective clothing, machinery wipers and oil-trapping mats in the rental system, as well as occupational health and safety items, turnover of five €528 million was achieved for the year 2012. In 2014 turnover was €583 million, and in 2016 turnover was €638 million.