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Responsibility towards our employees

Our employees are our most important success factor

Secure jobs – responsibility for the employees at MEWA

We bear the responsibility for over 5,600 employees who are deployed in a wide variety of positions and at numerous locations for MEWA: in the operations, as service drivers or in administration. Each individual does his personal share for the success of the enterprise. This is something we know how to appreciate. For MEWA it is natural to also honour this commitment.

This occurs through:

  • Fair employment contracts and wages in accordance with the industry collective bargaining agreement
  • A secure future in the enterprise
  • Investments in the qualifications of all employees
  • Measures to protect the health of employees
  • Workplace safety
  • Longstanding employment in the company is highly esteemed
  • Equal treatment of all employees

A secure job Occupational health & safety at MEWA

At MEWA occupational health & safety has the highest priority. Consequently, we are also actively engaged in the protection of our employees. For example, we have started with an occupational health and safety concept to avoid accidents that will be consistently extended. The management board's vision is: zero accidents.

To achieve this goal we systematically observe and analyse all work flows and behaviours in our MEWA operations. Hazards and accident black spots are determined, critical work flows are either technically or organisationally defused, work accidents and commuting accidents are consistently reviewed, communicated and tracked. These measures apply for all operations over all locations.

Thus we achieve our objective of providing an occupational health & safety culture for all employees that makes it possible to avoid accidents entirely.

Through these measures it has been possible to already significantly reduce the number of accidents per 1,000 employees.

We show commitment Health protection at MEWA

Hazards at the workplace are diverse. It is not just work accidents that can endanger the health of employees, so can poor posture at the workstation, for example. Consequently, processes and work flows in all MEWA operations are regularly reviewed for physical stress and adapted accordingly.

By 1994 MEWA had started initial attempts to design the workstations of seamstresses more ergonomically. Since suitable equipment did not exist on the market, MEWA participated in the research project "Workplace ergonomics ". The result after two-years of research: standing workstations. Through this measure the seamstresses have more freedom of movement. Shoulders and neck are offloaded by individually adjustable placement surfaces for hands and arms, height-adjustable desks and a foot release element, prevent a curved posture and protect the spine. In 2008 this commitment was recognised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work with the "European Good Practice Award 2007 "(1st Place).

Qualified employees Training and continuing education at MEWA

MEWA is a family company, in which values are still actively lived. One of our core values is "qualification". Only qualified employees can participate in shaping our company, take on responsibility and with team spirit contribute their part to the success of the enterprise. Thus, for us it is self-evident that we consistently promote the development of our employees. MEWA not only provides apprenticeship training in more than 20 different occupations, we have also played a major role in the Germany-wide profiling of some of these occupations.

However, at MEWA promotion of employee development does not end after systematic orientation. Every year we offer our employees a broad offering of internal and external seminars, as well as on-the-job training.

Commitment is rewarded Fair wages at MEWA

Equal treatment of all employees – regardless of gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin – is one of our primary concerns. In this context compliance with anti-discrimination law is a matter of course.

Likewise there are no limits to the collaboration in our enterprise: As an enterprise established throughout Europe at MEWA working in international teams is standard procedure.