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Professional hygiene and service clothing

Your partner for purity guarantee – MEWA textile management

  • Modern hygiene and service clothing for rent

    It is very easy to rent MEWA hygiene and service clothing. Gloves and shoes can be purchased directly in the Online Shop.

  • Cleanliness you can feel

    Since we wash your clothing at high temperatures, an additional hygienic rinse is not necessary. This means that your employees need have no concerns regarding skin irritations.

  • Make it personal

    We would be pleased to embroider and imprint your work clothing with employee name, logo or emblem.

Whether behind the scenes, or out in front – in the healthcare industry there is a wide variety of professional groups, such as laboratory technicians, pharmacists, dental technicians and also nurses. For all of these professional groups the focus is on cleanliness.

Whether in direct or indirect contact with customers and patients – whoever works in the healthcare industry must also be concerned for his own health. And this also includes the right selection of work clothing. The right work clothing offers protection and safety relative to possible contamination. At the same time it offers comfort in the strenuous daily work routine and increases the feel-good factor. This is ensured by comfortable cuts and high-quality materials.

As a partner for health and care we know your needs and have designed our hygiene clothing and service clothing to meet your special requirements. In the practical rental arrangement we ensure that your employees wear neat and clean clothing every day. This means, we pick-up, bring, wash or clean and, if there is wear, we replace your textiles.

And since there is even more involved in professional hygiene, at MEWA you can also easily rent products for washroom hygiene. We supply you with all that is practical and prescribed for washrooms by the European Hygiene Regulation:

To round out our offering you can buy disposable gloves and other supplemental products directly at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

Suitable solutions for every profession

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    Healing professions

    In MEWA service and hygiene clothing your personnel always make a neat, clean impression. We take care of this. Punctually and reliably.

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    Safety and hygiene are top priorities for you. Rent certified hygiene clothing, as well as products for washroom hygiene at MEWA.