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MEWA for transport companies

Work clothing and service for your safety.

We take safety to the streets – MEWA for transport & public commuter traffic.

  • High-visibility clothing for rent

    Reliable service and professional maintenance – with high-visibility and weather-protection clothing in the practical rental arrangement.

  • Personal customer support

    Naturally, our service includes personal customer support, as well as a competent service driver in your region.

  • Repairs & replacement of worn-out items included

    In the rental arrangement, damaged work clothing is repaired automatically, worn garments are out-sorted and replaced as needed.

As surveyor, loader and unloader, switchman or even simply as driver, not only are you outside in wind and weather, you are also exposed to hazards that you can protect yourself against with appropriate high-visibility clothing with a signal effect.

Always with the prerequisite that the protective function of this clothing is also optimally ensured. In daily use fabric and reflective strips are subject to significant stress. Therefore rely on high-visibility clothing in the practical rental arrangement. With our all-round service we ensure punctual pick-up and bringing of your high-visibility clothing, and through professional and standard-conformant maintenance we reliably ensure your safety.

And that's not all – our certified high-visibility clothing also offers reliable protection against rain and cold. In addition it is tailored for comfort and it is pleasant to wear all day long. By the way. At MEWA you can also rent classic work clothing and business clothing. Thus, for example, with the MEWA BASICS collection you will find polo shirts and T-shirts for hot summer days.

In addition, as a MEWA customer you can easily and inexpensively buy the occupational health and safety items that go along with your clothing, such as safety shoes and gloves, in our extensive purchase item assortment at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

The MEWA service system for protective clothing

  • kreislauf_schutzkleidung_4_1200x1200.png
    Repairing & replacing
  • kreislauf_schutzkleidung_3_1200x1200.png
    Washing & drying
  • kreislauf_schutzkleidung_5.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • kreislauf_schutzkleidung_1_1200x1200.png
    Put it on & feel good
  • kreislauf_schutzkleidung_5.png
    Delivering & sorting
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Work clothing for rent – test now with no obligation!

Discover just how effectively the textile rental service from MEWA facilitates your daily work routine. For this we make one of our most popular work clothing collections available to you for 3 months at get-acquainted conditions.