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Service clothing that inspires confidence – MEWA for retail

  • Work clothing for rent

    Comfortable service clothing and stylish business clothing for retail is available at MEWA in the practical rental arrangement.

  • Personal customer support

    Naturally, our service includes personal customer support, as well as a competent service driver in your region.

  • Practical locker service

    The optional MEWA laundry locker service is the perfect organizational aid, matched to the number of your employees.

The employee comfort factor starts with good-looking work clothing. From sales and service to the warehouse and office, the following applies: Uniform, neat clothing motivates your employees and gives your customers an impression of professionalism and competence.

Whether consumer electronics store, home-improvement centre, furniture store, chemist's shop or wholesale – the tasks of the individual employees are as diverse as the different sectors in retail, and so are the demands imposed on suitable work clothing.

As a long-standing textile management partner for retail we have a large assortment of representative work clothing in the practical rental arrangement. Fashionable cuts, high wear comfort and a versatile colour selection make you and your employees look good. Whether classic or modern – thanks to the MEWA full-service you don't have to worry about anything in this regard any more. We outfit your employees in-line with the demands and tasks, bring, pick-up, wash, maintain, and if necessary replace, reliably and punctually so that your employees are always ideally clad.

And at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA you will find an extensive assortment of occupational health and safety items and accessories for retail as well as attractive accessories for sale.


MEWA shirt & blouse service: A fresh shirt in the closet at all times

Whether business, retail or catering – a freshly ironed shirt or a clean, pressed blouse is part of a professional appearance.  

So thatnicht you  do not have to deal with the washing and ironing, MEWA offers the shirt and blouse service. Thus your employees have a freshly washed and pressed shirt on hand in many attractive colours and designs at all times.