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MEWA for the building sector

Professionals on the construction site need professional equipment

We know what you need for your work – MEWA for the building sector

  • We repair or replace the garments of your employees automatically.

Those who work in the building sector need work clothing and other industrial textiles that are designed precisely for the respective work environment.

And this is definitely MEWA's area of expertise. Operating supplies that meet your needs and requirements. Thus our work clothing is not only extremely robust and flexible, it also withstands deployments in harsh conditions as well as wind and weather. Regardless of the collection you decide on, you will work successfully in the clothes and look good every day. We also take care of this. Because you can rent MEWA work clothing. This saves time and money. Naturally the bringing, pick-up, washing and replacing are executed punctually and reliably. By the way, precisely the same principle also applies for our MEWA wipers.

On the construction site it is evident that you need any number of occupational health and safety items, such as safety shoes, gloves, hard-hats, hearing protection and much more. You can buy these products at WORLD WIDE WORK by MEWA.

The MEWA service system for work clothing

  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_4_1200x1200.png
    Repairing & replacing
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_3_1200x1200.png
    Maintaining & drying
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_5_1200x1200.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_1_1200x1200.png
    Put it on & feel good
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_5_1200x1200.png
    Delivering & sorting
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Work clothing for rent – test now with no obligation!

Discover just how effectively the textile rental service from MEWA facilitates your daily work routine. For this we make one of our most popular work clothing collections available to you for 3 months at get-acquainted conditions.