Everything for clean printing – MEWA for print shops

  • Site outfitting for rent

    We ensure cleanliness in your print shop – with uniform work clothing and wipers in the practical rental arrangement.

  • Personal customer support

    Naturally, our service includes personal customer support, as well as a competent service driver in your region.

  • Complete cost control

    When you rent wipers and work clothing from MEWA you can be sure that all costs are transparent for you and predictable right from the start.

Ink on paper – it sounds easy but it is a demanding process that requires an abundance of know-how and passion. Ultimately what counts is a highly precise result.

As a long-standing partner of print shops, we support you with solutions that offer the best prerequisites for clean work. With our high-quality MEWATEX® wipers not only can you wipe off inking rollers and squeegees, you can also reliably clean printing machines and ink trays. More than anything else, there is one thing that characterises our wipers in the practical reusable system: They are unrivalled in durability, absorbency and service life. By the way: Approximately 2.5 million users already rely on MEWA wipers. You too?

Clean work equipment also requires clean work clothing. This leaves a good impression with your customers, but much more importantly: It strengthens team spirit and promotes the motivation of your employees. Since we know that often it is very hot in print shops, we have adapted our work clothing for print shops to your needs. Our T-shirts and polo shirts are impressive through comfortable cuts and light materials. Our work trousers are impressive through practical pockets for your tools, such as cutters or scissors.

You can quite easily rent our wipers, as well as our work clothing. Thus you have clean industrial textiles at all times. By the way: At MEWA you can also rent durable foot mats that pick-up dirt between the printing area and the office, and ensure cleanliness.

The MEWA service system for MEWA wipers

  • KrL_liefern_1200x1200.png
  • MTS_Nutzen-lagern_1200x1200.png
    Wiping & storing
  • KrL_holen_1200x1200.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • KrL_hygienisches-waschen_1200x1200.png
    Washing & drying
  • KrL_pruefen-ersetzen_1200x1200.png
    Checking & replacing
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