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MEWA news

New ordinance concerning personal protective equipment

Why a new ordinance?

On 20 April 2016 the new PPE ordinance (EU) 2016/425 goes into force. On 21 April 2018 it will nullify Directive 89/686/EEC that has applied since 1989. The objective of the legislation is to adapt the requirements for personal protective equipment to the "new legal framework" (NLF) of the European Union (EU) to achieve better protection of people who wear PPE. This "new legal framework" is the uniform basis for monitoring of products in the EU.  

The previously applicable directive had to be implemented in national law by each EU member state. However, ordinances apply directly in all member states after they are adopted Thus a faster and more effective adaptation of the law is possible.

With the new PPE ordinance, now the uniform EU terminology, such as "placing on the market" or "providing on the market", etc. will be used

It is not just the application area of the PPE ordinance that has been made more specific, but rather measures, in particular that enable better protection of the person wearing the PPE, have been included. FOR EXAMPLE:/span>

  • Every person who passes PPE onto another person, must inform the market monitoring government agencies, on request, of the person from whom he received the PPE, and the person to whom he has passed on the PPE.  
  • When PPE is placed on the market, the manufacturer must specify type number, batch number, or serial number to ensure traceability
  • Dealers and importers can be obligated in the same manner as manufacturers.  

However, if there is a European manufacturer, then the dealer in particular, also has specific new obligations:

  • Verification of the CE mark
  • Verification of whether use information and Declaration of Conformity are present in the right language, as well as verification of batch number, mailing address, and address of the manufacturer
  • Maintaining proper storage conditions
  • Informing market monitoring government agencies if hazards emanate from PPE
  • The requirements imposed on certification bodies and their supervisory authorities will be made uniform and clearly specified

For implementation of the new ordinance there are differentiated transition periods depending on the area.  

As a professional textile service provider for personal protective equipment MEWA is ensuring timely and proper implementation of the new regulations. MEWA customers are also on the safe side.

The original text of the ordinance can be reviewed here