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MEWA cleaning cloths

Cleaning rags, cleaning cloths, or cloth wipes?

Putztuchsystem - MEWATEX

MEWA cleaning cloths

Cleaning rags, cleaning cloths, or cloth wipes?

Count on reliable cleanliness – MEWA cleaning cloths

The workplace must be clean – regardless of the industry in which you work, regardless of whether you want to keep machines, tools, or worktops clean – we have the cleanest solution for you: MEWA cleaning cloths in the practical rental system. We not only offer you four different qualities for different requirements, we also pickup, wash and delivery them to you on a regular schedule. Thus you always have a fresh cleaning cloth at hand. Practical, don't you think? Naturally there are always situations where machine cleaning cloths wear out. In our Full-Service we automatically replace these cloths with new cloths for you.

Where cleaning rags are concerned, rely on the world market leader. Rely on MEWA. What are the characteristics of our reusable wipes? They are highly-absorbent, durable and dimensionally stable.

Day in, day out more than 2.5 million cleaning cloths are in use by a wide variety of users. And the number increases daily, more and more customers are dispensing with disposable and are relying on reusable for their cloth wipes. For the sake of the environment – and for the sake of your budget.

Allow us to advise you. We would be pleased to prepare a quotation for you.

First test, then rent – MEWA wiper service test

We not only have the best wiper in the world, we also have the best service. You don't believe us? Then try out our reusable wipers in our wiper service test.  We offer you the possibility of trying out our service for up to 2 months.