MEWA high-visibility trousers

Standard-conformant, functional high-visibility trousers in contrast colours.

Comfortable and safe, functional and robust – for every deployment

Where safety is concerned there are no alternatives. Particularly when working outdoors, where there is poor visibility, or in bad weather.

This is precisely why we have a large selection of high-visibility trousers for you.

From the classic dungarees that protect the back from draughts, to the popular knee breeches, to shorts – we offer the right high-visibility trousers for every requirement. Our designs are as flexible as the applications of our protective trousers are diverse. Disposal companies, transport and public commuter traffic organisations, as well as energy providers have been convinced of the advantages offered by our high-visibility trousers for years. Particularly, since in the practical rental arrangement we always ensure the optimal condition of the protective functions of your rented high-visibility trousers.

All high-visibility trousers are made for maximum safety. They are made of robust, fluorescent material in orange or yellow, and in addition, they are also provided with two reflective strips on each leg. Thus the requirements stipulated in EN ISO 20471 and the German Road Traffic regulations are satisfied.

But we have also taken the stresses associated with daily use into account. Naturally your high-visibility trousers have many pockets that facilitate your work. Pocket bottom reinforcements ensure special durability when frequently putting sharp objects into your pockets and taking them out of your pockets. The pocket inserts are set-off with a darker, dirt-repellent material.

We take care to always ensure the optimal condition and cleanliness of your high-visibility trousers in the practical rental arrangement. We pick-up and maintain your high-visibility trousers, and before we bring them back to you we check all parts and replace and repair these parts as needed.

All of this we do so that you and your employees are always effectively protected and can concentrate on their tasks.

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