MEWA softshell jackets

Outdoor clothing that looks good – and proves its value at work and in daily life

Outdoor clothing that looks good – and proves its value at work and in daily life

With over 100 years of textile management experience we know what is important for work clothing. In the development of new collections our pros work closely in line with the desires of our customers. We are open for inspiration in this regard. Ideally with softshell jackets from the outdoor area.

Tradesmen, in particular, are exposed to all kinds of weather. Consequently work jackets, especially, should not restrict movement, moreover they must be watertight, wind-tight and ideally they should be warm. Get acquainted with the softshell jackets in our collection.

Softshell has an abundance of outstanding characteristics. For example, the material is very soft, very comfortable and also relatively light. In addition, it reliably protects against wind, wet and cold. Whether storm, rain or cool temperatures – softshell jackets offer perfect all-weather protection. In addition, the material is extremely breathable. This means that body heat stays where it belongs: on your body. And if you work up a sweat performing your tasks, the moisture, like excessive heat is transported to the outside via the fastest channels. Thus, the skin stays nice and dry.

And: Our softshell workwear does not restrict you. On the contrary – the jackets move along with your body, with complete flexibility. And if the jackets catch somewhere, they can handle it. They are extremely robust and abrasion-resistant.

The softshell jackets are available at MEWA in the rental arrangement. Thus you have the certainty of always wearing a clean and neat jacket. In addition to washing, pick-up and bringing, as well as repair and replacement are also included.

Work clothing for rent – test now with no obligation!

Discover just how effectively the textile rental service from MEWA facilitates your daily work routine. For this we make one of our most popular work clothing collections available to you for 3 months at get-acquainted conditions.