MEWA work vests

Vests protect, warm, and look good!

Practical for any work time, suitable for every work outfit

Whether underneath or on top, single-colour or with accent, with work trousers or jeans, with thermal function or as classic business combination – a person would not want to do without so much versatility. MEWA vests are real all-round talents. As part of our professional clothing, we offer suitable vests for a wide variety of industries and requirements.

In the trades the robust work vests, lined with fleece are preferred for tasks in cooler environments or on cold days. Many practical pockets with zippers, as well as reinforcements of the pocket bottoms make the work vests extremely functional.

On the other hand for employees in the service sector, naturally the attire can be somewhat finer. Form-fitting tailoring and the attractive designs of the individual vests perfectly round out the visual appearance of service personnel. The high-quality vests of our collections can be perfectly combined.

Our business vests are entirely classic, but certainly not boring. Whether for men or women, with suit, skirt or jeans, with blouse or shirt – you skilfully stage each outfit.

MEWA vests are available in the practical rental arrangement. This means: We bring, pick-up, wash and repair your vests, punctually and reliably.

Work clothing for rent – test now with no obligation!

Discover just how effectively the textile rental service from MEWA facilitates your daily work routine. For this we make one of our most popular work clothing collections available to you for 3 months at get-acquainted conditions.