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The fine MEWA wiper with turbo-absorbency for everything that is sensitive



The fine MEWA wiper with turbo-absorbency for everything that is sensitive

Eliminates dust and fluff in a flash – MEWATEX® ULTRA wipers

  • Can be washed and reused up to 50 times

  • Punctual, on-schedule delivery

  • Safe and environmentally-friendly storage in the SaCon® safety container

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The fine MEWATEX® ULTRA wiper with turbo-absorbency impresses immediately. It is suitable for super-soft cleaning of sensitive surfaces and ideally suited for polishing.

MEWA wipers that are virtually lint-free
MEWATEX® ULTRA wipers are made of a special treated cotton fabric with optimal characteristics. Thus, they are incredibly absorbent and virtually lint-free. The MEWATEX® ULTRA is used wherever a surface that is optimally free of dust is required, such as the surface finish in electronics and air technology applications, when working with pneumatic equipment and in the automotive industry.

A MEWA wiper with record speed
A MEWATEX® ULTRA wiper can quickly take-up a multiple of its volume.

The MEWA wiper colour coding
The colour coding of the MEWAtex wipers is for your safety and our safety; it enables MEWA wipers that are used in different application areas to be appropriately separated and washed separately. Thus substances and materials used in various industries such as paints, oils or greases, do not come into contact with each other.


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Product characteristics at a glance
  • Lint-free cleaning wiper
  • Cleans sensitive surfaces extremely gently
  • Turbo absorption
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  • Cost-effective

  • Practical

  • Deluxe waste minimisation

  • The best wipers in the world

The MEWA service system for MEWA wipers

  • Checking & replacing
  • Washing & drying
  • Collecting & picking-up
  • Wiping & storing
  • Delivering
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First test, then rent – MEWA wiper service test

We not only have the best wiper in the world, we also have the best service. You don't believe us? Then try out our reusable wipers in our wiper service test.  We offer you the possibility of trying out our service for up to 2 months.