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MEWA brush mats

Perfect for transition areas – thus the dirt remains outside

Wurde zum Merkzettel hinzugefügt

Zum Merkzettel

Leave dirt and wetness outside – MEWA brush mats

  • Regular on-site replacement of your brush mats

  • Automatic replacement if there is wear

  • Individual adaptation to your requirements

There are areas that are so heavily soiled that normal foot mats no longer suffice. In the workshop particularly, often oils and greases drip off machines; oily dust-water mixtures form on the floor that make the floor slippery and increase the danger of accident. This is precisely why there are brush mats from MEWA.

Brush mats are ideally suited for transition areas from operations to the administration area or directly in the production area. Thanks to a special coating on the underside the mats lie on the floor without wrinkles and above all they are slip-resistant.

Rely on cleanliness and occupational health & safety. Robust MEWA brush mats withstand incredible stress. The specially developed fibre combination of fine and coarse bristles effectively takes up moisture, and at the same time optimally eliminates dirt. And best of all: When you rent brush mats from MEWA you have the certainty that the mats will always be neat and clean. We take care of professional cleaning.

MEWA brush mat

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Product characteristics at a glance

Suitable for: Metal industry, Chemical industry, Laboratories, Healing professions, Sanitary, heating & air conditioning, Food retail, The catering trade, Carpenters & joiners, Butcher & delicatessen, Electricians, Painters & plasterers, Cement production, Roofers & carpenters, Bakery & confectionery, Auto repair shops, Electrical industry, Building trade, Mechanical engineering, Foundries, Automotive industry

  • Performs outstandingly on even the dirtiest of floors
  • Special coating on the back ensures slip-resistance
  • Available in two different sizes
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  • Renting offers advantages

  • Hygienically clean

  • You don't have to purchase

The MEWA service system for dirt-trapping mats

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    Checking & replacing
  • kreislauf_fussmatten_3_1200x1200.png
    Washing & drying
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  • kreislauf_fussmatten_1_1200x1200.png
    Using & storing
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    Collecting & picking-up
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