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GREIFF Comfort Fit

Style-confident business clothing in the office or in sales

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Attired attractively and comfortably every day – GREIFF® Comfort Fit

  • Comfort Fit Form

  • For women and men

  • Stylish tailoring

Every enterprise has its corporate identity and associated with its corporate identity usually every enterprise also has a dress code for work clothing. How chic and elegant usually depends on the tasks and the various fields of activity.

The more professional the clothing, the more esteem and respect that is imparted. With the GREIFF® Collection in the practical rental arrangement you ensure a representative and coherent overall image of your employees.

GREIFF® work clothing is for employees at the reception counter, service personnel and everyone who is in contact with customers. The work clothing impresses with stylish, yet timeless lines, perfect workmanship, and the special Bi-Stretch quality that is extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Fashionable black gives your employees a confident, likeable impression that most certainly will be remembered.

The MEWA service system for business clothing

  • kreislauf_businesskleidung_4_1200x1200.png
    Repairing & replacing
  • kreislauf_businesskleidung_3_1200x1200.png
    Washing & drying
  • kreislauf_businesskleidung_2_1200x1200.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • kreislauf_businesskleidung_1x.png
    Put it on & feel good
  • kreislauf_businesskleidung_2_1200x1200.png
    Delivering & sorting
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MEWA shirt & blouse service: A fresh shirt in the closet at all times

Whether business, retail or catering – a freshly ironed shirt or a clean, pressed blouse is part of a professional appearance.  

So thatnicht you  do not have to deal with the washing and ironing, MEWA offers the shirt and blouse service. Thus your employees have a freshly washed and pressed shirt on hand in many attractive colours and designs at all times.