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MEWA hygiene clothing – cleanliness in all forms

Perfect cleanliness not only ensures that your employees feel good, it also defines the image and the value of your company. Especially matched to your requirements and maintained in accordance with a certified quality standard, we offer hygiene clothing, that you can rely on.

Maintenance in accordance with EN 14065 – Hygiene clothing with microbiological safety

In the area of food production and food retail, neat and clean work clothing is particularly important. Therefore, particularly for hygiene clothing, MEWA builds on the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a concept in which the safety of all food products is the highest priority. Only a precisely defined and monitored process ensures hygienically faultless clothing.

MEWA works in accordance with the RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination control) principal and washes the hygiene clothing in accordance with standard EN14065. The special maintenance process guarantees microbiological safety and ensures maximum textile hygiene safety – and not just the first time the work clothing is worn, but continuously.

Hygiene clothing for all application areas

Discover the MEWA system for hygiene clothing and all collections especially tailored to your requirements with a large selection of first-class quality and modern cuts:

Our collections for hygiene protection

  • Hygienekleidung - Euroclean


    Optimal safety with the EUROCLEAN hygiene clothing. A line that was consistently developed and optimised with due consideration of hygiene factors.

  • Hygienekleidung

    MOVE Clean

    Viel Funktion, viel Bewegungsfreiheit, entwickelt unter allen relevanten Hygienegesichtspunkten und zertifiziert nach DIN 10524:2019.