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Hygienekleidung - Euroclean


The perfect work clothing for the food and beverage industry

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Recommended hygiene clothing – reliable and functional

  • DIN 10524 Food hygiene – Workwear in food business

  • A maximum of cleanliness thanks to the RABC system in accordance with DIN EN 14065 – Textiles – Laundry processed textiles

  • Concealed poppers and internal pockets for hygienic work

The EUROCLEAN work clothing is the perfect solution for all industries where personal cleanliness is absolutely essential, and particularly for the food and beverage industry. The EUROCLEAN hygiene clothing is even recommended by the Association of Food Inspectors: It satisfies the requirements stipulated in DIN 10524 ("Food hygiene – Workwear in food business: The EUROCLEAN hygiene clothing is state-of-the-art and satisfies the HACCP requirements. the HACCP requirements.

With regard to hygiene, with EUROCLEAN work clothing you can rely on optimal safety – even when used in moist and warm areas, e.g. in dairies or cheese making facilities. Rely on MEWA and thus on hygienically faultless work clothing.

Consistently hygienic and comfortable

The EUROCLEAN hygiene clothing captivates by its high wear comfort and its comfortable cuts. The durable fabric with a high cotton content is impressive with good workmanship; it is ideally suited for daily industrial washing, and it is extremely skin-friendly.

The line was consistently developed and optimized with due consideration of hygiene factors. Consequently, EUROCLEAN is presented with many thoughtful features, such as the internal pockets that offer space for all important work items, and thanks to its pocket flaps or closure strips with concealed poppers that prevent work items from falling out. The EUROCLEAN collection consistently shines in white – the classic colour for hygiene and cleanliness.

100% quality assurance in the RABC system.

The hygiene standard of work clothing can only be complied with, if the work clothing is processed with a uniformly high hygienic quality. We ensure this high standard through the RABC system in accordance with DIN EN 14065 ("Laundry processed textiles"). The RABC system, which by the way, we were the first textile service company in Europe to introduce, draws on the HACCP concept, and was developed on the basis of this concept. from this concept.

With the MEWA full service system, with all deliveries you can rely on hygienic and microbiologically faultless work clothing that can seamlessly integrated into the HACCP concept.

The MEWA service system for hygiene clothing

  • kreislauf_hygienekleidung_4_1200x1200.png
    Repairing & replacing
  • kreislauf_hygienekleidung_3_1200x1200.png
    Hygienic washing & drying
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_5_1200x1200.png
    Collecting & picking-up
  • kreislauf_hygienekleidung_1_1200x1200.png
    Put it on & feel good
  • kreislauf_berufsbekleidung_5_1200x1200.png
    Delivering & sorting
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