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Practical combination: Protects against heat, flames and Class 2 arc faults

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For all those working with live voltage – MEWA DYNAMIC® Allround Arc

  • EN ISO 11611 A1, Class 1 & EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, D1, E2, F1 – Heat and flame protection clothing, protective clothing used for welding

  • DIN EN 1149-5: Protective clothing – electrostatic properties

  • EN 61482-1-2, Class 2 – Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an arc (arc fault)

Special jobs require special workwear. Anyone working in an electrical environment is always exposed to the risk of an arc fault. Heat and flame protection workwear with antistatic properties, which also reliably protects the wearer against the thermal effects of Class 2 electrical arc faults, is indispensable.Double-layered in the front area, this protective workwear protects the wearer with absolute reliability when working on electrical systems. It is also suitable when it comes to working in plant and system construction, at municipal utilities and energy suppliers.

MEWA DYNAMIC® Allround Arc is part of MEWA DYNAMIC® workwear, which features a high degree of mobility. The collection includes a waist jacket, waist trousers and dungarees. Each garment is available in single-colour anthracite or two-colour sea blue/anthracite and navy blue/anthracite.

You can also simply rent MEWA DYNAMIC® Allround Arc. In this way, you not only benefit from first-class protective clothing, but also from a comprehensive service. Because we will fetch and bring you the garments, and we will wash and care for them. This gives you the confidence that all protective functions are preserved even after washing.