Certified MEWA quality

We want to be the best for our customers

Control means certainty – MEWA quality management

  • Clean solutions for the environment

    We are proud that our textile management has achieved uninterrupted certification in accordance with ISO 14001 for many years.

  • Safe solutions for your employees

    Heat, flame, chemicals, hygiene – we offer your employees certified protection against all hazards at the workplace.

  • Cost-effective solutions for your company

    The advantages of the reusable system are directly evident in their environmental balance.

You place your trust in us by turning over the care of your work clothing to MEWA. Trust that we will carefully clean, care for and punctually deliver and pick up your work clothing, protective clothing, hygiene clothing, service clothing, business clothing and industrial textiles. You trust that we will not mix up "your" trousers with the trousers of your closet neighbour, and that personal items, which perhaps you have forgotten in your pockets, will find their way back to you.

This trust is the basis for a long-term successful customer relationship. We are only successful when you are successful. A sentence that reflects our philosophy and which, for us is valid in practice as well as theory. Consequently, for years we have relied on outstanding quality. Our quality management is exemplary for the industry and certified in accordance with ISO 9001, for good reason.

As a company that relies on the reusable principle, naturally, environmental protection is a top priority for us. We are proud that in 1997 we were the first company in our industry to receive the internationally valid environmental certificate in accordance with ISO 14001 and that we have qualified for recertification since then without interruption. With this international environmental management standard we have obligated ourselves to not only comply with the statutory regulations, but also to define and implement our environmental objectives in a manner that is quantifiable. This applies for our wash processes as well as for our products and services.

We have been expanding our certification package to ISO 50001 standard (energy management) since the end of 2016. A consistent energy management system helps us to systematically tap into potentials for energy savings and to implement targeted measures to meet our social responsibility. Our duties according to ISO 50001 include in particular putting an energy planning system in place, establishing energy targets and action plans, as well as the in-depth recording of energy flows in the business.

We also take on the responsibility when the quality topic involves protection. Of course the protective effect relative to occupational health and safety must not be left to chance. This is why certifications are an important criterion when reliance on personal protective equipment is vital. Our protective clothing is tested in accordance with valid standards. Our hygiene clothing is certified in accordance with RABC and thus integrates seamlessly in every HACCP concept.

Certificate ISO 14001

Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate ISO 50001