MEWA customer report

The Farina-Mühle wears hygiene clothing from MEWA – and is pleased

Full compliance with hygiene standards – for employee clothing, Farina-Mühle relies on MEWA

  • Professional clothing maintenance in accordance with clearly defined guidelines

    "MEWA has met all of our requirements relative to reliability, hygiene directives and flexibility."

  • Well supported

    "The customer support is really great and the entire service package is of very good quality."

  • Adaptation to individual needs

    Each employee has his personal outfitting, depending on preference with knee breaches, waist jacket, dungarees, overall or jacket.

  • Uniform appearance

    "The level of employee acceptance is very good."

  • A single source for everything

    Work clothing, foot mats, MEWA wipers and occupational health

  • safety items

Information about the company:

Wheat has been ground into flour in the Farina-Mühle since 1771. General processing and selection of the best grain varieties of always been self-evident for Farina. Every year approximately 80,000 tons of grain are ground. Approximately 30% of production goes to retail, 50% industry and 20% to bakers and the catering sector. With an export share of 30% to Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Lithuania Farina-Mühle is one of the leading manufacturers and for semolina for the pasta industry they are even the market leader. Farina-Mühle with this three locations Farina in Raaba, Finis Feinstes-Mühle in Schwechat or Biomühle (millwork for organic products) in Rannersdorf, is part of the Goodmills Group to which a total of 27 mills in Austria, Romania, Poland and Germany belong.

In the Farina-Mühle in Styrian Raaba, near Graz, in one of Austria's most tradition-rich grain mills, a total of 240 different types of flour and flour blends are produced. Known for its guiding principle "Die Kraft der Sonne" (The power of the sun), above all Farina flour stands for quality and customer satisfaction.

Hi requirements relative to hygiene directives, reliability and flexibility

For every manufacturer of food products quality goes hand-in-hand with the most rigorous hygiene standards. In the Farina-Mühle as well employees work strictly in accordance with a comprehensive hygiene concept. In this hygiene concept all work processes and work areas are defined even the outfitting of the production employees. The production team wears hygiene clothing from MEWA. The reason to change over to work clothing in a textile management arrangement was the pending hygiene certification in accordance with ISS (International Food Standards) of the mill in 2003. "Thus we became acquainted with MEWA; MEWA has met all of our requirements relative to reliability, hygiene directives and flexibility", explains production manager Andreas Seidl, who adds: "The level of employee acceptance is very good. Recently we changed over to a new collection, because MEWA is also been outfitting our sister company in Schwechat for some time. Now all employees have a uniform appearance."

Outfitted from head to foot

In the agreed rhythm the MEWA service driver brings fresh clothing and picks up the worn garments to have them professionally maintained at MEWA in accordance with clearly defined hygiene directives. In addition to the clothing in the textile service Seidl ordered sweatshirts for his team with the embroidered company emblem and safety shoes from the World Wide Work by MEWA purchase item assortment. Seidl particularly views the advantage of the collaboration with MEWA in the good price-performance ratio. "The customer support is really great and the entire service package is of very good quality."

MEWATEX wipers and foot mats for added cleanliness

In the Farina-Mühle they operate sustainably. Consequently, Seidl uses the service from MEWA not only so that his employees are suitably attired. "We also use reusable wipers from MEWA because they are more eco-friendly. Our employees like to use them they are handy and they completely and fully meet our requirements", explains Seidl. Moreover foot mats from MEWA are in the entry areas of office facilities, break rooms, and equipment rooms. Thus the buildings stay cleaner in bad weather. "Since MEWA has taken on the responsibility of regularly replacing the dirty mats with clean mats, our facilities simply look better. We notice the difference particularly in the heavily frequented areas", comments Seidl with approval.