MEWA customer report

FELDER GMBH no longer wants to handover the BIO/CIRCLE washstand.

From MEWA wiper to BIO-CIRCLE – at FELDER they are well equipped with MEWA

  • Simply practical – the BIO-CIRCLE washstand

    "At first the employees were very sceptical. Now, they no longer want to hand over the washstand."

  • The MEWA wiper maintains its position in the competitive comparison

    "With the MEWA wipers we were with the competition, but we simply were not satisfied, therefore we came back to MEWA".

  • Rented clothing offers convincing advantages over purchased clothing

    "Initially we had purchased clothing. But with the growing staff workforce that became too complicated."

  • Diverse product offering

    FELDER uses many different MEWA products: From wipers and foot mats to work clothing and protective clothing and extending to small parts cleaners, hand towel rolls and occupational health

  • safety items.

Information about the company:

FELDER is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-purity solder and soldering accessories and by participating in many international trade fairs we have now established a presence in almost all European countries as well as further abroad. Today's corporate headquarters facility in Oberhausen has already been enlarged three times since the facility was dedicated in 1986. The 7,500 m² production facility has a laboratory with the latest equipment, production halls, warehouse and office areas. The company employs 109 people.

"It all began on a railway siding", reports Frank Schröer, managing director of FELDER GMBH. The setting: a disused railway car. The company founders: two pioneers full of drive. Their idea: industrial, automatic manufacturing of soldering wire, solder paste and flux. That was 1979. Now the Europe's leading manufacturer of soldering technology employs 109 people.

From the MEWATEX wiper, via work clothing...

"With the growth we needed a fast solution for the clothing of our people. Initially we had purchased clothing. But with the growing staff workforce that became too complicated", reports Tanja Sell, who became head of purchasing in 1998. "In addition, the outfits of the new employees suddenly looked different than the outfits of the existing employees." Then MEWA entered the picture. "We were already a wiper customer of several years standing, and we were aware of the good, reliable service offered by MEWA. So it was a natural decision to also procure the clothing from MEWA. We really liked the possibility of was Asian logo and name badge."

... And extending to the small parts cleaner BIO-CIRCLE: simply all-round MEWA!

At FELDER meanwhile they have transferred to MEWA literally from head to toe: Chemical protection smocks for the laboratory employees, protective clothing for the smelters at the furnaces.  And in the workshop now the skin friendly and environmentally friendly small parts cleaner BIO-CIRCLE is used. "At first the employees were very sceptical. Now, they no longer want to hand over the washstand."  Likewise in use: Foot mats and hand cloth rolls from MEWA. The occupational health & safety items from the "World Wide Work by MEWA" catalogue are also popular. For shoes there is a basic model, but the employees are choosy: "In this area the men are much worse than the women", smiles Tanja Sell. "When the MEWA service driver wears new jackets or shoes, they will be immediately purchased by the men."

And the pièce de résistance: The one millionth wearer!

The long-standing collaboration between MEWA and FELDER is based on mutual trust and growing contacts "Our service driver Stefan Zbocna was responsible for us from the very beginning and he is simply the best. He always brings along a good mood. "And thus both sides were really pleased that of all employees a FELDER employee became the one millionth wearer of MEWA work clothing at the end of 2014. As a gift he received a softshell jacket personalized with his name and the occasion. And the company's celebrated together with punch and waffles. Long-standing collaboration, with server partners as well as employees – this is the success recipe at FELDER.