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MEWA client report

The MEWA industrial wipes system is part of Matias Moldes’s quality concept

The advantages are precise cleaning, taking the strain off the team, and environmental protection

  • Top-class operating conditions for the best results

    “We always rely on top-quality, both in terms of our machines as well as with regard to training our employees. I was instantly won over by the quality of MEWA Systems.”

  • Simplification + more convenience + better performance

    “Everything is much easier now with the industrial wipes. They feel good and allow us to clean machines and tools more quickly and thoroughly.”

  • Motivated employees

    “As far as I’m concerned, the industrial wipes system is a load off my mind. I was excited as soon as MEWA introduced us to the system. So my colleagues and I are a lot happier with our work.”

  • Environmental protection

    “I can contribute to protecting the environment with the multi-use system. That’s important to me.”

Matias Moldes - Company info

Matias Moldes produces moulds for the automotive industry, electrical industry, domestic appliance and medical equipment manufacture. 70 percent of production is exported, to Germany in particular, but also to Switzerland, Spain and France. Matias Moldes develops around 40 new moulds every year on average. “That’s a considerable amount”, said Lino Matias, “and we strive for a high degree of precision with every mould. Would you like to learn more about renting industrial wipes?

Matias Moldes is byword for moulds of the highest quality. Founded in 1996, the family business has been making a name for itself amongst mould factories in Marinha Grande, in the north of Lisbon. Matias Moldes has been relying on state-of-the-art technology and niche products from the very beginning. The MEWA industrial wipes system fitted the bill perfectly here. High-quality industrial wipes allow technicians to keep machines and tools spick and span. Metal dust and shavings can be wiped away effortlessly. Cleanliness is a basic requirement for manufacturing precision moulds.

MEWA’s service has made our work significantly easier. We no longer need to worry about our cleaning materials, and we can fully focus on our precision work. The wipes are an asset here too, as they are really high-quality.
Lino Matias, Managing Partner

“We always rely on top-quality, with machines as well as regards to training our employees.”, stresses Lino Matias, Managing Partner at Matias Moldes. He has been relying on the MEWA industrial wipes system since 2017. “When the MEWA representative presented the system last summer, I was won over right off the bat”, remembers Matias. The business concluded an annual contract on the spot, starting on 1st September 2017. The first month was a trial, which is common practice at MEWA. It was also used to determine the ideal number of wipes, and to properly integrate the industrial wipes system into operations.

The MEWA industrial wipes system offers numerous benefits

The system is a shrewd investment for Matias Moldes, even though it is only a small business with 18 employees. According to Lino Matias, MEWA’s multi-use system hasn’t just paid off in monetary terms, it’s put everyone’s mind at ease. Developing and producing moulds requires full concentration and total commitment each and every day. MEVA’s industrial wipes have proven to be of great assistance in meeting this daily challenge. When the time came to choose from the various quality grades Matias Moldes followed the advice of the MEWA representative and opted for the MEWATEX ULTRA industrial wipe, and has had a great experience. MEWATEX ULTRA is finely woven, and is the ideal wipe for sensitive applications.