MEWA customer report

MEWA foot mats for a clean entry area at Opel & Beyschlag

Opel & Beyschlag is pleased: Clean showrooms at last thanks to MEWA foot mats

  • Experienced family company with a long tradition

    At Opel

  • Beyschlag the familial and continuity are top priorities: "Suppliers must – just like we must – have a good name and similar values."

  • Practical foot mat service

    "Through the agreed mode of replacing and washing the mats it is ensured that the purpose is fulfilled. Namely a clean car dealership!"

  • Rigorous requirements imposed on work clothing are satisfied

    Quality and appearance for the professional impression with customers, wear comfort and practicality for the employees

  • The MEWA wiper also offers convincing advantages

    "There really couldn't be anything better!"

Information about the company:

AVAG Holding AG is one of the leading independent automobile sales groups in Germany. Under the aegis of the operative management and financial holding directed from the Augsburg headquarters more than 110 branches in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Poland belong to the AVAG Group. In Austria these are Opel & Beyschlag, Opel Kandl, Logistikpark 19, Sulzbacher in Linz und ÖFAG in Salzburg. Every year the AVAG Group sells approximately 6500 new cars and 2500 used cars in Austria and thus generates a turnover of approximately €200 million.

As one of the oldest and largest auto dealerships in Austria at Opel & Beyschlag the familial and continuity are top priorities. This not only applies for the values in the service of the company but also for its partners and suppliers. "We rely on competent partners like MEWA, who due to their security and structure can satisfy our requirements in this order of magnitude. For us this is an essential aspect for the long and good collaboration", explains Erich Köberl, head of purchasing at Opel & Beyschlag and the AVAG Group. "Suppliers must – just like we must – have a good name and similar values." Everything that is lived for our own customers, such as reliability and environmental responsibility we also demand from our partners." Thus Opel & Beyschlag places particular value on certification of its suppliers since this guarantees security.

Quality, practicality, and environmental awareness

"Our requirements imposed on the work clothing naturally are quality and appearance. What is particularly important is that we make a good and professional impression on our customers. Wear comfort and practicality for the employees are likewise prerequisites. Consequently the acceptance among our employees is also very high", continues Köberl, who requires work clothing for 174 employees in Austria. As an environmentally-responsible enterprise, in addition to work clothing, Opel & Beyschlag also relies on the reusable wipers from MEWA that are used for mechanical systems, body and in the body shop.. Several calculations when comparing costs of paper cleaning cloths to reusable wipers prepared by Opel & Beyschlag shows that no additional costs incurred with reusable MEWA wipers. On the other hand paper must be disposed of as special waste with the associated costs. "There really couldn't be anything better”, says Erich Köberl with satisfaction!

Dirt-trapping mats for a clean car dealership

To keep things clean, in the entry area in all Opel & Beyschlag sales rooms and in the entry to the workshops there are foot mats from MEWA. "In keeping with our CI all showrooms have tile floors. With tile floors things get dirty particularly in wet weather. Consequently we decided for the dirt trapping products from MEWA. The foot mats are excellent and well worth their price", explains the purchasing pro. "If you purchase foot mats you keep putting cleaning off. Through the agreed mode of replacing and washing the mats it is ensured that the purpose is fulfilled. Namely a clean car dealership!"

Over the years a real partnership with MEWA developed. "We are very happy with the customer support offered by MEWA", says Erich Köberl, with satisfaction.