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MEWA customer report

Voestalpine Tubulars – MEWA customer for more than 20 years

Voestalpine Tubulars relies on wipers and work clothing in the MEWA system

  • Practical wiper format

    "The format is ideal. Not too large and not too small. You can easily pack it into work pockets or tool pockets."

  • A large bandwidth of products

  • Eco-friendly washing procedures

  • Long-standing, friendly collaboration

Information about the company:

Voestalpine Tubulars is part of the VOEST Group that is known for its rich metallurgical tradition. The group offers its customers innovative solutions, on request even custom-tailored solutions. A large bandwidth of products is manufactured in the Kindberger Plant in Austria. For example, seamless pipes for the oil & gas industry, but also machine construction pipes, boiler pipes and heat-exchanger pipes or hollows for drawing plants.

The production of seamless pipes – principally for the gas & oil industry, the petrochemicals industry, and for fastening technology and refineries – has made Voestalpine Tubulars well-known far beyond the borders of Austria. There has been close cooperation between Voestalpine Tubulars and MEWA for more than 20 years. "In the meantime almost a type of friendship has developed", as Heinz Jauk, shop chairman of the enterprise, explains. During these two decades, at peak times there were approximately 1,000 employees who were attired in MEWA work clothing.

First came the wiper...

At the beginning of the cooperation, first there was the MEWA wiper. In the firm, the practical wipers from MEWA, were used principally in the maintenance departments, for the metalworkers and electricians for cleaning machines, tools and equipment. Jauk in this regard: "The employees who now work with MEWATEX wipers really appreciate them." He himself thinks that the wiper is a "wonderful thing": "The format is ideal. Not too large and not too small. You can easily pack it into work pockets or tool pockets. Even the crane mechanic can easily take it with him when he climbs up on the machine. Really practical and suitable for versatile use."

…then the work clothing from MEWA

Due to the positive experience with the MEWA wiper, the order for the first MEWA outfits soon followed: The colours were selected to match the corporate identity of Voestalpine Tubulars. Every employee has three sets, one to wear, one reserve set, and one dirty set. MEWA picks these up weekly and returns them freshly maintained and cared for. "Worn, torn, contaminated – MEWA solves all of these problems – the employee no longer has anything to worry about in this regard", explains Jauk.