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MEWA customer report

Röthinger Carpentry relies on the workwear available with the Full-Service from MEWA

Röthinger Carpentry relies on the professional workwear available with the Full-Service

  • Comfortable, robust and stylish

    The Röthinger Carpentry team loves the special features that come with the MEWA DYNAMIC® CONSTRUCT line: Reinforced fabric in high-stress areas, freedom of movement and really comfortable to wear.

  • Worn with pride

    Nougat-coloured outerwear with applications in dark grey, combined with lime green polo shirts all help to deliver a harmonious and appealing overall appearance. The jackets are also embroidered with the carpenter’s company emblem.

  • A relief for all

    Members of staff no longer have to wash their own clothes themselves, and can instead enjoy clean, comfortable and durable workwear day in, day out.

  • Cost-effective rental system

    Florian Röthinger and his wife made the decision to go with MEWA because of the potential cost benefits to be enjoyed. MEWA workwear can be rented. Collecting, dropping off, washing and replacements are all part of the service.

Röthinger Carpentry, situated in the town of Rottau in Upper Bavaria, offers a whole host of specialist carpentry services, be it new builds, truss work or wooden terraces. This work requires sensitivity, strength and real commitment. And the workwear has to play its part, too. Thanks to the DYNAMIC® CONSTRUCT collection from MEWA, the company was able to find the perfect solution. It was developed for tradesmen and women doing demanding work, who give it their all every single day.

There can be no doubt in our minds that we made the right decision. The outfits can handle everything, they look great and we don’t have to lift a finger. Everyone is always well-dressed, and the cost benefits really make it worthwhile. For us, the MEWA DYNAMIC® CONSTRUCT line available with the Full-Service is the perfect solution.
Sandra Röthinger

The decision to procure workwear from MEWA and its Full-Service was made in 2017. The old workwear had seen better days, forcing us to source new clothing. MEWA is synonymous with high-quality, and the greatest benefit is the Full-Service. “That is what really appealed to us – because it is also in keeping with our company philosophy, which centres around delivering the highest quality. And also in terms of the clothing’s cut and design, the offer from MEWA was the one we liked best” said Sandra Röthinger.

Clothing for demanding trades – washing included

All expectations were met in full. “We are delighted, as is the team” says Sandra Röthinger. The quality of the clothing is brilliant: comfortable, robust, very functional and yet still stylish. The team at Röthinger Carpentry how comfortable it is to wear, and are most grateful for the convenience it brings. They no longer have to wash or clean their own work clothing, but still have a work-ready outfit available for them when they get going for the day.

Clothing that’s clean and always appropriate

Having clean and practical workwear available day in, day out matters a lot to the company. The team of the carpentry shop, after all, is always faced with new challenges. The pros are in demand and all orders are carried out professionally and to schedule: solid wood houses, trusses, parquet flooring, ceiling cladding, and much more. “It’s the finer details that mean the difference between success or failure”, says Florian Röthinger. His firm employs twelve members of staff and takes on one trainee a year.

For their initial outfitting for MEWA DYNAMIC® CONSTRUCT, MEWA customer advisors visited the carpentry shop bringing various designs. Employees were able to choose the appropriate sizes and were then kitted out with various sets of the respective shirts, trousers, vests and jackets. Dirty pieces of clothing are collected in MEWA washing bags, picked up by MEWA, and returned to the shop perfectly clean. That’s a big relief for the carpenters, as their workwear takes a lot of punishment and gets dirty. Washing is no longer required at all. Everything related to workwear is outsourced. The team always has fresh clothing that’s ready to use. That’s a huge improvement for everyone – bosses and employees both. Would you like to learn more about renting MEWA workwear?

Röthinger Carpentry

Röthinger Carpentry enables its customers to achieve tailor-made constructions using wood. The range of services includes building wooden houses and trusses, renovations, and interior work. Variable modules also afford customers the chance to make their own mark on the design, in creative collaboration with the carpenter, which gives the living space its own unique touch. The combination of age-old craftsmanship and new methods ensures the highest quality. State-of-the-art computer-aided design and wood construction methods have been harnessed by the carpentry firm to offer its customers extensions and renovations as well. The family business is based in the town of Rottau in Upper Bavaria and currently rents workwear for nine members of staff.

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