Product development & technical centre

So that we can always offer you first-class products and services

A passion for perfection – MEWA product development & technical centre

  • MEWA product development

    Our own collections consisting of state-of-the-art fabrics and the highest quality – a claim that we like to be measured against.

  • MEWA technical centre

    In our test laboratory all industrial textiles are intensively and comprehensively tested before they are available in the rental service.

  • Customer-specific collections

    Your requirements, your desires, your needs – this is why we develop custom-tailored solutions in the best quality.

As a market leader it is not only our claim, it is our obligation to offer our customers first-class products exclusively. For more than 100 years we have not been resting on our laurels, rather we continuously further develop our products and services. We work daily on new ideas and solutions. If we would not do this we would not be MEWA.

Our experienced textile designers as well as textile and clothing engineers develop lines of work clothing and protective clothing that are in line with market demands, in close collaboration with research institutes and clothing manufacturers from throughout the world. We also take the feedback of our customers concerning our collection and collection items very seriously and integrate these findings in the development of new collections and for optimisation of existing collections. Thus our collections are consistently adapted to changed requirements, market trends and technical fibre and fabric innovations, and you always have the best work clothing for your employees.

Before a collection is accepted in our assortment it is literally "put to the test" and indeed in our in-house technical centre. This is where the fabrics are tested for tear resistance, colour fastness and abrasion. Seems, buckles, buttons, Velcro and zippers must likewise be put to the test to verify that they are extremely durable.

If the garments of a collection are then in use in our customer's facilities the quality assurance does not stop. Month for month approximately 1750 test pieces must show that they keep their colour, shape and protection even after many industrial washing processes. The stress test lasts for up to 29 days during which test pieces are regularly put on the test bench. In this regard our textile engineers employ all test methods that the international ISO standards prescribe. By the way: Our MEWATEX wipers and all other industrial textiles in the MEWA system also run through this quality process.

And if after countless care cycles a garment shows signs of wear we simply replace it as part of our service.