MEWA blouse and shirt service

Saves you time – and makes life easier

A fresh shirt in the closet at all times – MEWA blouse and shirt service

  • Great brands

    With us you get great brands and shirts in excellent quality.

  • Dress correctly

    We will be glad to advise you and determine your needs together with you.

  • Large selection

    Choose from different models in attractive colors, fits and designs.

Whether business, retail or catering – a freshly ironed shirt or a clean, pressed blouse is part of a professional appearance in the customer's eye. The effect is serious, imparts competence and engenders trust. Who would trust a lawyer, a client advisor, an auto salesman or a service consultant in a wrinkled look or leisure outfit?

In addition to bothersome washing and ironing, there is also the inconvenient opening times of dry-cleaners. With the MEWA blouse and shirt service you are free of all these concerns once and for all. Because in the practical rental arrangement we take care of it! We not only take care of washing and ironing – we also pick-up and deliver the shirts and blouses to you. Punctually and reliably.

Thus you save valuable time and always have a freshly washed and pressed garment on hand.

Simply choose the model that is right for you from our selected collections – and our professional service starts. Practical, simple, and convenient.